Since 2022 I lead a cross-faculty program on ethics of science and bioethics at the HHU. Feel free to contact me in case you have any question about syllabi, teaching methods and curricular implementation. We currently cooperate with several study programs at the HHU, including philosophy, politics and economics (PPE), medicine, computer science and computer linguistics.

In 2021, 2022 and 2023 I was nominated for the teaching award of the HHU.

regular courses

  • good scientific practice
  • moral problems in biomedical research
  • medical ethics
  • ethics of computer science
  • scientific expertise and policy making
  • science denialism and pseudoscience

other courses

  • ethics of scientific publishing
  • science communication
  • food ethics
  • animal ethics
  • climate ethics
  • environmental ethics
  • philosophy of medicine
  • ethics of stem cell research
  • science and social responsibility
  • academic freedom
  • gender discrimination and sexual harassment in science
  • trans philosophy
  • contemporary readings in feminism
  • argumentation
  • research methods
  • agnotology
  • classical readings in analytic philosophy
  • conceptions of truth


If you are a student and are planning to write your bachelors or masters thesis with me as a supervisor, then the reading list in the syllabi of good scientific practice and moral problems in biomedical research would be good prior preparation. Please prepare an exposé (four pages) containing a topic description, a research question, a preliminary outline as well as a list of references with 15-20 entries, and send it via mail, when asking for an appointment to discuss your project.